2018 Spring Update

2018 Spring Update

Well, Spring is finally here, thank goodness. Hopefully, this Summer won’t be as wet as
the last one. We have been busy this May planting flowers around the community. We
also want to thank the third graders at Propel Pitcairn and all the other volunteers who
helped plant the flowers at the Memory Garden on Wall Ave. We hope everyone will
enjoy the garden as they travel on Wall Ave. this Summer. We also would like to thank
all of the volunteers that have taken time out of there busy lives to help and support us
with our fundraisers and different projects that we have done and will continue to do in
our community. Believe us when we say that we couldn’t do what we do without your

On that note, we would like to talk about our project to be started later this year. We
are concerned about pedestrian safety on Broadway, between Hillside Ave. and Rt. 48.
A lot of people walk that area, and in many sections there are no sidewalks. So, our goal
is to raise enough money, through donations and fundraisers to begin putting new
sidewalks along that section of Broadway. It will take more than one summer to
complete, but we feel that it will be worth the effort. We hope to get this project
started this September.

Our Burger Blast fundraisers this year will be held on June 16 th, July 14th, August 18th,
and September 15th. This year we will be open for lunch from 11 AM to 2 PM. We also have
a new location this year. We will be holding our Burger Blast at Fire Company No.1,
located at 100 Center Ave. We did this for several reasons. One, since the project we
are working on this year is a bit bigger than what we usually do, we are hoping to
generate more customer volume. The more people who support us the quicker we can
complete the project. And two … When the flood control projects starts, we will be
forced to find a new location anyway. Another perk of holding it there is that if it rains,
we can move inside and won’t have to cancel. We want to thank everyone at Fire
Company No. 1 for being gracious enough to let us do this.

We are also excited that we have been accepted into The Mon-Valley Initiative, a large,
non profit corporation that has the ability to help us do some very interesting, and
potentially beneficial projects along Broadway. If you would like to get more

information on the MVI, please check out their website at

For those of you looking to keep informed on the new Borough building, the latest
information is that Council plans to have it completed by late Fall of this year.
We are also continuing some of our other fundraisers. Our monthly strip ticket sales go
on all year. Tickets can be purchased at Phil’s Pharmacy, Joe’s Butcher Shop or any of
our Board members, listed on the front page.

Our engraved brick program is still open. Check out the bricks in the Memory Garden
walkway. Order forms are available by going on our website at www.pitcairnpcr.org, or
by calling 412-373-2805.

Finally, we are always looking for volunteers to care for the Memory Garden and to
work the Burger Blasts.

Our goal is to improve Pitcairn. Please come out and help us. We are always open to
new ideas for projects and fundraisers. If you have any ideas, please come and share
them with us.

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