2016 Spring Update

2016 Spring Update

Winter is behind us and with spring here we participated in the Janie Summer Spring Clean-Up on April 23rd and we are excited at how many people came out to help.

We are getting the Memory Garden ready for planting and we will again be working with some of the third and fourth graders at Pitcairn Propel School to help us plant flowers in our garden.

The program we have for the 13-20 year olds, through TECH INCORPORATED, chaired by Aaron Petrosky, is still growing. If you would like more information on this program please call Aaron at 412-350-9708 or visit our website at www.PitcairnPCR.org.

As most of you know since we formed P.C.R and are waiting to be accepted into the Mon-Valley Initiative group, we have tried to do something every year to better our community, whether it is beautification, safety, or working with the children and youth in the community. Continuing with our objective, this year we are looking for ways to help senior citizens who own their own homes in Pitcairn. We are going to work on replacing damaged sidewalks in front of senior citizens homes. Knowing they are on fixed incomes and may not be able to afford the expense of replacing sidewalks themselves, we thought this might be one of the ways we can thank them for supporting our community over the years. It would also make our sidewalks safer to walk on. So, if you are 65 years or older, are interested or know someone 65 years or older that might be interested, please contact us at 412-373-2805 and leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you.

The fundraiser that will go to support this project will be our Burger Blast. Our dates will be June 4th, July 16th, Aug. 13th and Sept. 10th. We are located at the Fire House Lounge parking lot at the corner of Wall Ave. and 3rd St. from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Our other fundraisers are:

• Monthly strip tickets. Available at Phil’s Pharmacy, Joe’s Butcher Shop, Linda Roscoe at Sharwood Lounge, or any of our Board Members listed on the letterhead.

• Engraved bricks for Pitcairn Memory Garden walkway. Call 412-372-2805 or visit our website at www.PitcairnPCR.org for order forms.

• Travel mugs. Available by calling 412-372-2805 to order

• Key chains and money clips. Offered with Pitcairn High School or Train pictures on them. Available at Phil’s Pharmacy, Joe’s Butcher Shop, or call 412-372-2805,

• Recycling newspapers. If you have not been recycling your newspapers, we hope that you will reconsider doing so. We receive money from this endeavor which is shared with Pitcairn Borough Parks and Recreation Department. The recycling bin is located in the parking lot at the ballfield.

We would like to thank everyone in our community and those from other communities who have supported us and hope that you will continue to do so as we try to make a difference.

Finally, we are always looking for volunteers to help with our garden and to work our Burger Blasts. Our goal is to improve the community. Please come out and help us do this. We are always open to new ideas. If you have any, please come and share them with us.