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If you would like to make a monetary donation to the PCR, please make your check payable to “Pitcairn Community Renaissance” and send your donation in care of Doug Crothers to 510 Brinton Avenue, Pitcairn, PA 15140.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us by phone at 412-373-2805 or by email at
We thank you so much for your willingness to help us in this great cause and look forward to meeting you!

Our Mission

The mission of Pitcairn Community Renaissance is to revitalize the Borough of Pitcairn, Pennsylvania.
We are dedicated to returning it to a thriving and unified community, while preserving the historical culture of this unique east end neighborhood by supporting our committed volunteers
through innovative programs, services, and partnerships that facilitate the community economic development thereby enriching the quality of life for our residents.

Thank You!

A special “Thank You” to all of those who have donated and volunteered:

Nicholas Earhart, Barbara Bender, Debbie Eagan, Annette Dietz, Ann McDevitt, Regan McDevitt, Stacy Comptaron, Mark Socci, Dave Socci, Linda Martin, Beverly King, Gary Agate, Carol Agate, Joe Toth, Paul Doughty, John, Steve, Wilson & Tyler from the Presbyterian Church Group, Lee Mignogna, Coleen Float, Chuck Float, Kevin Dick, Eric Wallhausen, Jim Rullo, Cheryl Arendas, Steve Arendas, Charity Gomola, Chip Pope, Paula Beninati, Marge Kemmerer, Mark and Vincent Wallace, Mary Jane Gentile, Cindy Bloise, Frank Bloise, Johnny Donis, Judy Donis, Lorraine Myers, Rian Crothers, Taylor Crothers, Laura Peters, Hannah Peters, Denny Price, Harry Fails, Danny Dick, Betty Hoy, Marianne Roscoe, Linda Roscoe, B.J. Billy Joe Rivera, Elise Edwards, Sandy Caskey, Anita Nebiolo, Jack Bova, Linda McAnany, Sherry Lindquist, Kurt Seibel, Dorothy George, Joyce Sensenich, Jordon Voss & Bobby Backus, Mike McGinty, Joanne Thomas, Anthony Socci, Sarah Scott, Charlotte Muecke, Gene Bolch, Debbie Scott, Mary Beth Tucker and Connie Dunsmore, Cameo Farally, Jean Connoly, June Veach, Malisa Migliori, Chloe Gamola, Mika Petrosky, Carol Wardzinski, Laura Felton, Joshua Shelton, Jamie Brandon, Rich Holden, Sam Bacco, Jack Backus , Charlie Weaver, Marlene and Frank Leonardo, Nick Turner, Justin Didolce

Family Floors, Tony Petrocelli and Company, Robert Capalbo Photography, Citizen Bank Foundation, Service Master, Pitcairn Women’s Club, Caputos Friendly Inn, T.J. Beer Distributor, OES Charter #229, Pitcairn Italian Club, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Giant Eagle, Phil’s Pharmacy, Joe’s Butcher Shop, AP Visuals, Hill Top Auto Repair, Rose Transportation

PCR Logo

When we were doing our “wish list,” Laura Peters sent us a beautiful letter on how she thought we could better help our community. We were really taken with the letter, but what really caught our attention was the drawing of the tree on the letter. The way it was done, the way the words were spelled out, and especially the colors. They really jumped out at us. We asked Laura about the tree and she told us that her 15-year old daughter, Hannah, had drawn it. We were very impressed at the thought and the effort that she had put into it. When we asked her, she gave us her permission to use it for our logo. Thank you Hannah!

PCR Logo

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